Plan B - 3 (2)

In late January, Lamont and Weedpatch residents who have been working on wastewater issues for the past five years had a chance to review and give input on the findings of an independent study of Lamont Public Utilities District’s (LPUD) plans.

The final report includes seven recommendations to reduce potential impacts of the current plan on the community and the environment. The reccomendations include, that Recology, the composting company that handles about one million gallons of wastewater, train staff on safe handling practices of treated wastewater and pesticides, participate in the National Biosolids Partnership, and use appropriate equipment to minimize water quality and quantity impacts. The report also recommends that Recology and LPUD engage the community in decisions that affect them.

Read a summary of the findings here.

[Read more from Eyewitness News’ Jose Gaspar: Lamont residents learn about wastewater ‘Plan B’]

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