Health Access

In Kern, everyone has access to appropriate, affordable, high quality health services that include a focus on prevention.

  • Broader understanding of the social determinants of health and health equity
  • Coverage, care and community prevention: coverage and care for the remaining uninsured and undocumented; protect and defend Medi-Cal expansion; ACA outreach, enrollment, retention and utilization; improved health literacy, patient activation and consumer empowerment
  • Health Care Services: integrated health systems and data sharing for Type II diabetes and behavioral health (ACH); language access; infrastructure to support health career pathways for youth
  • Local youth and adult residents have elevated voices for health equity
  • Public Health: community-based chronic disease prevention, nutrition, physical activity; Wellness Fund; expanded promotora network; teen pregnancy, and STD prevention programs
  • Residents, community groups and health practitioners partner under a shared vision of health equity

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