Dear BHC-SK partners and friends,

We still need your help!

We are currently in the process of revising the Action Plan that guides the work of BHC-SK and our partners. We want to ensure that this updated plan is reflective of the current needs and issues in our South Kern communities. In order to do this we need your input.

If you live, work, or play in South Kern please take a few minutes to complete the Action Plan Review survey. You can access the survey by clicking on the links below, or by copying and pasting the address into your browser’s address bar. The survey will be available through Friday, October 24th.

To thank you for taking the time to help us revise the BHC Action Plan, those who enter their name at the end of the survey will be entered into a raffle for a number of healthy prizes.

Please forward this email to others you know who also live, work, and play in South Kern so that we get as much input as possible.Thank you for your help, and continued support of BHC-SK and of healthy South Kern communities.

English Survey     Spanish Survey

We also need BHC-SK partners to help with this by holding focus groups with residents, youth, partners, or others who live/work/play in South Kern. This could be groups of clients, residents, neighbors, or special populations/subgroups you are able to access. If you can help by conducting a focus group we will make the supplies available for you to conduct the group yourself. Or if you are able to arrange a group but would like assistance facilitating it we will try to support you in that as well. If you are able to conduct or host a focus group, please e-mail me at and we can work with you to set that up.

These focus groups will be very important since the data collected will help decide what issues get included in our Action Plan to be worked on over the next three to five years.

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