A summer-time digital media project for Boys and Young Men of Color


An opportunity for Boys and Young Men of Color throughout Building Health Communities Places to create  1-2 minute videos to encourage other young men to learn about how and why they should get covered under Obamacare.


Young men have a lot on their plate and getting health insurance may not be at the top of their list. But it’s essential. Bad things happen and no one is invincible without health insurance.  Boys and young men are the best messengers to reach other boys and young men about this message.


All videos should be produced by and star young men…….and their creativity!

The videos can be 30 seconds to two minutes maximum. They should answer the question “Why get covered?” and encourage other young men to get enrolled.

All videos should consider including the following four messages that answer the question: Why get covered? These are only ideas, but we are looking for youth to be creative and imaginative.

  1. To lead a healthy life. With insurance you can get a free wellness check-up or get free preventive care like flu shots, tests for blood pressure and diabetes
  2. In case you get hit by a bus. If you get injured or are in a car accident, the car is covered – but not you. Quality medical care can save or improve your life.
  3. To protect your wallet. You don’t want to be bankrupted by expensive bills from an accident or an unexpected problem.
  4. It’s the right thing to do. Getting covered is about taking personal responsibility for your health and financial well-being.

All videos MUST contain the following messages:


HOW ARE VIDEO MAKERS SELECTED? Each BHC site can offer one stipend of $1000 to a young man/ men to create a video. Sites must apply by July 5 through a special small grants link that will be available by June 18.  The videos must be produced and delivered by August 16.

FOR QUESTIONS CONTACT: ANGELICA MUNOZ  (661) 845-2724 EXT 314 OR EMAIL amunoz@lesd.us

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