Youth and other members of the community have noticed that there   is a problem with the high rate of alcohol and tobacco use at Rexland Acres Park.  If you are willing to help reduce this problem and improve your park please come join:

Jóvenes y miembros de la comunidad han visto un problema con el uso elevado de alcohol y tabaco en
el Parque de Rexland Acres.  Si le gustaría hacer algo para reducir este problema y mejorar su parque comparta sus opiniones en nuestra junta:

  • Rexland Acres Park Community Meeting

Tuesday, June 18th 5:30p-6:30p @ Rexland Acres Park


  • Lamont Park Community Meeting (in Partnership with existing meetings hosted by KCPR and Supervisor’s Office)

Wednesday, June 19th 6:00p @ Lamont Library


  • Digiorgio Park Community Meeting (in Partnership with existing meeting hosted by DHF)

Wednesday, June 19th 7:15p @ Arvin Veteran’s Hall


  • Weedpatch Park Community Meeting

Sunday, June 23rd 6:30p @ Weedpatch Park



Light Snacks will be provided/Se proporcionara comidas ligeras.

Bring the whole family!/Invitamos a toda la Familia!

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