WE Connect was established by former California First Lady Maria Shriver in 2005 and is now run by The California Endowment.  WE Connect empowers lower-income families to utilize resources that can help them lead healthier, more financially secure lives. Many of these resources and programs are underutilized – such as Medi-Cal and the Earned Income Tax Credit. As we move towards 2014, WE Connect events will help educate Californians  about the Affordable Care Act, its provisions and benefits to expand access to affordable, quality health care and provide them with the resources and tools to take advantage of those benefits. WE Connect events take place in partnership with a network of local and state partners to build one-stop-shops for families in the communities where they live.

WE Connect will be hosting its Kern County event in Bakersfield on Saturday, May 18th from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Kern County Fairgrounds. This event seeks to provide services to thousands of Kern County residents including on-site health care enrollment opportunities, free basic medical & dental screenings, and more. Each family will leave with a free bag of healthy groceries with fresh vegetables.


We would like to invite you to participate in the community resource fair aspect of this event to highlight the services and programs your organizations provides. Participation is free of charge.

Please email Hector at HGomez@deweysquare.com for details.



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