We all know that the place where you live affects your health—for the best or for the worst.

If your community provides healthy, quality foods, safe and clean places to play and be active and, excellent health and education services, then you are likely to be healthy and well. But, if poor air quality, substantial poverty, rundown sidewalks and no parks, and stores that promote liquor and junk food rather than nourishing foods sounds like your community—then you’re at risk for being unhealthy.

Building Healthy Communities South Kern aims to solve this problem.

The California Endowment has teamed up with 14 communities throughout the state to improve their physical, social and economic environments—promoting the overall health of children and families for today and for the future.When everyone in the community bands together to make positive change, we can construct a place where youth is safe, healthy and ready to learn—one where everyone wants to live. Although creating real change can be difficult, we know that working together on a specific plan, formed and led by our community can make South Kern healthy, prosperous and sustainable!

We invite everyone who lives, works and plays in the Arvin, Lamont, Weedpatch and Greenfield communities to join with us and the community at-large to establish a better, healthier South Kern.

We call our collective meetings The Central Table. Youth, agencies, organizations, local business and all residents of South Kern are invited to gather and make decisions on how to make healthy South Kern a reality.

Get involved in any way you can! Attend trainings, community-wide meetings and events, join an action team or focus on a specific strategy (recreation, health, environment, education or economic development), and register as a partner to commit to the vision and goals of Building Healthy Communities South Kern.

Residents, organizations and businesses located in Arvin, Greenfield, Lamont and Weedpatch are working together to create healthy communities where our children and all of us lead healthy, safe and fruitful lives—with strong support to grow and achieve our dreams.

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