Since 2009, thousands of residents, youth, businesses and organizations have led the Building Healthy Communities South Kern (BHC-SK) effort to positively change the health of our communities. This process, outlined below, has resulted in a shared vision, goals and action plan. Residents in Arvin, Lamont, Weedpatch and the unincorporated areas of Greenfield are driving this process to make health happen in our communities.



December 2008 – South Kern was invited was invited by The California Endowment to join with 13 other communities in the statewide Building Healthy Communities initiative.

August 2009 – Over 350 residents, youth, organizations and business from across South Kern came together at Sunset Middle School in Weedpatch to create a vision for the future of South Kern. Residents prioritized recreation activities and facilities, improving the school system and access to college, a healthy environment, a clean and safe community, healthcare and growing the economy.

September 2009 – Nearly 400 residents and other partners participated in focus groups throughout South Kern to give input on the communities’ priorities.

November 2009 – Over 200 residents and partners convened at Arvin High School to discuss the proposed changes and vote on priority goals. Of the thirteen priority areas identified by the community, five clear priorities emerged from this process. These priorities are the five goals set for BHC-SK for 2020.

December/January 2010 – Five group works were created around the priority areas to create a plan for how to reach the goals identified by the community.

February 2010 – Workgroups presented a draft Action Plan for the community for feedback and approval.

March/April 2010 – Workgroups held information sessions and focus groups across South Kern to refine and finalize the Action Plan for BHC-SK.

May 2010 – The first Central Table Meeting is held, the Action Plan is approved and Building Healthy Communities South Kern is officially launched!