After months of hard work and dedication, advocates successfully worked with the state to bring $5.6 million dollars to Rexland acres to build sidewalks, improve streets and add more lights.
A broad coalition of advocates, including Leadership Counsel, California Walks, Greenfield Walking Group, Fairview School, parents, and youth say these are necessary projects because they will help keep students safe.
Youth played a key role in lifting up this issue in their community. Jocelyn Cuevas, 17, a member of the Greenfield Walking Group first shed light on this issue through a commentary she wrote for South Kern Sol. Jose Pinto, 21, also a member of the Greenfield Walking Group, helped mobilize youth to walk door to door to collect signatures.
The money is part of the California Transportation Commission for the Statewide and Small Urban & Rural Components of the 2017 Active Transportation Program, a program that seeks to improve health outcomes and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in disadvantaged communities by encouraging walking and biking.
Improvements include, storm drain lines to fix Rexland Acres flooding problems, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, three all-way stops to reduce traffic speeds to 25 mph, new speed limit signs, street lights, and a solar-powered flashing stop sign in front of Fairview School. The application for Rexland Acres was well regarded by the state. It ranked No. 13 out of 456 applications received.
Final approval is expected in December, once the Commission adopts the program recommendations.

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