New BHC Partners

Building Healthy Communities South Kern is proud to announce the installation of three new steering committee members. We would like to welcome the Greenfield Union School District (GUSD) representing the education sector and will be represented by Cynthia Marquez who works at the Greenfield Family Resource Center (GFRC). Estela Escoto will be representing Arvin residents, and Jasmine Santoyo, a junior at Arvin High School will be the committees new Arvin youth representative.

Eight years ago, Escoto moved to Arvin from Los Angeles thinking that she was moving to a small town with clean air. When she found out that wasn’t that case, she decided to become involved in her community.

“I became involved with Building Healthy Communities because I see an opportunity to work collectively with other groups to make change happen in Arvin,” says Escoto.

Santoyo, also a member of Committee for  Better Arvin, enjoys being active in her community.

“Seeing all the good work happening in South Kern encourages me to continue to be involved,” says Santoyo. “I look forward to continue to work with so many inspiring people.”

The GUSD is the largest school district in South Kern serving over 7000 students. The GFRC provides support services to the families of the GUSD, to ensure their children succeed in school.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote on this election, please join us in congratulating our latest additions.

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