Please join us at a public gathering to kick-off the Safe Water Program in Arvin at the Sierra Vista Elementary School Cafeteria on Monday, June 15, from 6-8pm.

We hope you’ll join us at this community event to celebrate the first round of installations of point-of-use treatment systems on water fountains in Sierra Vista Elementary School. These treatment systems, specifically designed to remove arsenic from the water, will be on display. We will have a walking tour to see the systems installed on the fountains and hear from the local community leaders who have supported this project from the beginning. Your strong support and partnership for safe water in your community will result in the local schools, libraries, health clinics, and other community spaces in Arvin getting a total of more than 70 of these treatment systems. Come and try safe water treated by the new point-of-use systems, and be sure to bring your new, reusable Agua4All water bottle! Meet and celebrate the school, community partners, and non-profits that made this happen.

The meeting is hosted by the Rural Community Assistance Corporation and the Community Water Center. This project is funded by the California State Water Resource Control Board, The California Endowment, and Helping Hands for Water.

**Please note that this event will be filmed for an upcoming documentary and we will be asking for waivers to have permission to film participants at the event. If you do not wish to be filmed, let us know and you can be seated in a special section but we would still love for you to attend!


Monday, June 15




Sierra Vista Elementary School Cafeteria, 300 Franklin St. Arvin, CA



If you have any questions about the event or this project, please contact Gerardo Tinoco, Jr. at or call (661) 345-9976.

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