University of California, San Francisco in partnership with Community Water Center and Rural Community Assistance Corporation is looking for individuals to assist with data collection for interventions related to promoting intake of healthy beverages among children and families  in schools and other community locations in Arvin and Lamont communities.


We are looking for 2 committed research assistants to start very soon to work on a project that will examine how installing water fountains that dispense chilled water and that have a spout for filling a reusable water bottle affects intake of water among children and families in Lamont and Arvin communities.


Volunteer duties currently include data collection at schools and other community locations. Research Assistants will travel to schools and other community sites such as parks and libraries in Lamont and Arvin to observe how many children and families drink water from fountains and new bottle filling stations. We may also teach you how to get other data from the schools and community sites, such as the gallons of water taken from the new water stations.


We are looking for individuals who:

  • Are interested in research related to children’s health.
  • Have, or are looking for, experience conducting community-based research.
  • Are organized, punctual, and professional.
  • Ability to speak English and transportation are a must for primary data collection activities.
  • Ability to also speak Spanish is a plus


The position will begin as soon as possible.  In this position we will need help for approximately 1-2 weeks @ 40 hours/week three times per year for two years.  Research assistants will receive training and experience in data collection. Pay will range from $15-$19/hour depending on experience.


This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in children’s health, obesity-prevention, community-based research, medicine, or health policy.


If you are interested, please send an email explaining your interests/qualifications and your resume/CV to Amelie Hecht at


Shen Huang
Technical Analyst | Community Water Center


address: 311 W. Murray Ave, Visalia, CA 93277

office: +1 559-733-0219;  mobile: +1 857-399-6983





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