Hello, all

For those of you who may not know me, My name is Marylou Chavez.
I am part of the Adelante Coalition in Arvin and am the South Kern Youth Representative of Building Healthy Communities and a member of the BHC Recreation team.

I know Amerika no longer works with us, but I felt the need to post about recent work. The youth, including myself have continued the work we once started with our adult ally Amerika, and we ask you to continue giving us the support you have given us and know that we, the youth much appreciate it.

Today, May 20, 2014 the Arvin City council approved the purposed ordinance regarding the use of tobacco at our local parks. As you may know we were successful in passing our ordinance at the County Board of Supervisors limiting the use of tabacco at Di Giorgio Park for Arvin. Not only did the city of Arvin agree with our ordinance but they went one step forward to completely ban smoking in all Arvin City parks, they still have to have the official vote on the June 3rd meeting but I know for a fact that it will be approved by all council members and mayor, since the meeting seemed to be in our favor.

This email is to inform you of recent activity regarding the ordinance and if some of you can come to the next meeting on June 17th at 6pm in the City of Arvin to witness this wonderful passing and if given the time maybe say a few words in regards to this ordinance, that would be great! Please spread the word.

Thank you again!

Special thanks to council woman Toni Pichardo for playing a big role in the soon to be passed ordinance in Arvin, the youth thanks you! And special thanks to Mr. Nsele for speaking with me at the Arvin city council meeting this evening.


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